So far during phase one, we have identified all of our debt and all of our income.  We have a budget – this our road map for our spending.  If you don’t have one – it is a must.  During this phase we will be tackling our debt with a fury.
We will also be searching for ways to save more on our monthly expenses.  I view this space as a space to not only document our progress and educate others on the “FI-life” but to also have some accountability.  So here are some of the action items we intend to execute during this phase:

  • cut cable
  • cut cell phone bill
  • cut food budget
  • no eating out, except once a month
  • free entertainment
  • start tracking our expenses on mint, track the last 3 months of spending to see where additional cuts can be made
  • pay off a few of our high monthly expenses that can be paid off in the next three months to free up monthly money
  • begin retirement fund
  • pay off Wendy’s car

What I hope you all will find by watching our journey is that we still live a very full life.  We are not misers.  We are simply choosing what matters most and doing a cost/benefit analysis of where our money goes.
I also believe in visuals…So I have created a spreadsheet to track our progress.  Its a little frightening to put this out there, but I know that if WE can acheive this HUGE goal – so can you.

Total Equity Investments Curt’s Retirement Consumer Debt Student Loans W Student Loans C Overall Gains
5.1.17 -295809 106000 0 14427 69922 240601 105713
7.1.17 -290489 106000 0 14427 64602 240601 105713 -5320

Now the above numbers still FREAK ME OUT…however, its important to look at the positives – we reduced our debt, resulting in an overall gain of $5300.00.  That’s pretty significant.  Now lets see home much more we can do by our next update!
– Your Girl-FI-day

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