Aldi Meal Challenge – Week 3

Are you as excited as I am about week 3 of the Aldi Meal Challenge?  Well, you should be – because I know what’s coming and it’s going to knock your socks off. 

This week we tried a couple new recipes – which is always an adventure – but I think there are several keepers.  All inexpensive, full of flavor and good for you.

But the point of this challenge is the keep the budget under control AND eat well…Let’s see how we did. 

Friday Night Under Five – Tangy and a Touch of Sweet Coleslaw

Several years ago, I decided to make shredded barbecue pork sandwiches.  The recipe called for the pork to be topped with coleslaw.  I HATED coleslaw growing up.  I thought the soupy-milky stuff my grandpa got from KFC (It was still called Kentucky Fried Chicken then) was how coleslaw was supposed to taste.  NO THANK YOU. Blegh.

Aldi Meal Challenge – Week 2

Well, we have one week of this challenge under our belt and I have to say, it was a GREAT success.  We stuck to the plan. We even had enough left-overs from some of the meals to have for lunches the next day.  #WINNING 

Friday Night Under Five = Sofritas

Coming up on next week Aldi Shopping Challenge, is a dish that has quickly become a family FAV….SOFRITAS!  Enjoy. (I would even venture to say, its as good as Chipotle’s 🙂 #humblebrag)

Friday Night Under Five

If you had told me as a kid that one of my absolute favorite go-to cheap, hearty, one-pot, comfort-food dishes was tuna-casserole?  My eyes would have rolled into the back of my teased-out Aquanet head of hair.