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If you had told me in 2015, that we could achieve financial independence, be debt-free and ready to retire by age of 55?  I would have rolled my eyes and snorted, “yeah, right!”  We were chained to six-figure student loan debt we fully expected to take to our graves.

Around that time, In a desperate effort to change our circumstances, I was scouring the internet and stumbled upon a post from the Madfientist. My mind was blown; I discovered there were others who were saving 50% of their incomes (or more!) and retiring in their 30’s and 40’s. 

At the time, I didn’t think it was for us, but I was intrigued….and that led me down a rabbit-hole, consuming every article, multiple blogs and subscribing to several podcasts about financial independence and early retirement. 

I had found a tribe. A tribe collectively called the “FIRE” (Financial Independence/Retire Early) community, some would call a movement, and they have CHANGED our lives.

What we discovered is that math is math.  And once you understand that, 3 simple principles apply.  Reduce Spending, Increase Income and SAVE like crazy

Even us – with triple-digit student loans and a San Deigo mortgage  (read upwards of half a million) and late to the game (we are both in our late 40’s) – can achieve financial freedom in eight years.  Had we listened to the masses, we would still be buying into the false-belief that early retirement is for the rich or those with rich parents.  The TRUTH is that is not true at all.

We are committed to showing how you can achieve financial independence and the FREEDOM that allows.  Freedom to retire, spend time traveling, dedicating time to your loved ones – or simply working how and when you want.

Girl.FI.day is your “go-to” for tips, advice and just some plain old honest and transparent perspective.

We are so GLAD you found us!

Love and Prosperity , 
Your Girl.FI.day